Who Benefits from Socialization Training?

Any student demonstrating difficulties with pragmatic language and developing peer relationships can benefit from socialization training.  Students are ready to participate in the program if they demonstrate basic attention to task, are able to follow simple directions, can emotionally self regulate in the presence of other students and demonstrate a basic awareness of others.  This program is designed for preschool students over the age of three, elementary school students and young adults.


The socialization training program at ARS represents a fusion of social development ideologies and therapeutic approaches.  Each student's program is individually designed with the student's unique needs in mind.  As students learn how to develop peer relationships and communicate socially, they make friends.


Adult Socialization Training

American River Speech offers socialization training programs for young adults through age 22.  Our Adult Relationship Skills sessions will target basic manners in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication and conversation skills, communication roadblocks, and building relationships.


Basic Requirements for success in this group are:

*High cognitive functioning
*Absence of aggression or physical behaviors
*Basic conversation skills and interest in others


 What is Socialization Training?

Socialization training provides students social language opportunities in a structured, safe environment. Groups meet each week and are facilitated by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Students are matched with developmentally suitable peers, and as such, students are less likely to get overwhelmed or withdrawn during interactions.

Targeted skills include:

Social Thinking

Turn Taking

Conversation skills

Team Building

Peer Interactions

Perspective Taking

Conflict Resolution

How do I get started?

The first is a socialization evaluation to determine is s/he could benefit from this treatment.  The evaluation and treatment can be funded through ALTA California Regional Center, your school districts, or privately.  Contact ARS, your case worker at ALTA, or your school district to get started.


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